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new business solutions in a win-win environment

If you could not able to bring direct referrals, then you choose to rent them. PTC sites itself offering this service and you have to pay a rental fee of $0.2 per referral per month. You can either bring direct referrals or rent referrals to increase your earnings in PTC sites.

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This process of receiving money per click is a tool for online marketing, which is an implementation-based process where the company compensates its affiliate for each visitor or customer fetched by the affiliate’s own marketing practices. If you are looking for similar chance where you get money for ads then you have reached to the superior pay per click website.

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Packet 1


60 Days
  • View Ads Get : 0.25% - 0.3%
  • Referral 5%
  • Paring 10%
  • Matching 5 Levels
  • Total Income 500$
Packet 2


60 Days
  • View Ads Get : 0.5%-3%
  • Referral 10%
  • Paring 10%
  • Matching 6 Levels
  • Total Income 2.500$
Packet 3


90 Days
  • View Ads Get : 1% -5%
  • Referral 10%
  • Paring 10%
  • Matching 8 Levels
  • Total Income 5.000$
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